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Intistele is a massive project which can find answer for different problems. The mechanism helps to send SMS without difficulty.

Main part

Bosses everywhere are fascinated by sharing crucial information, talking about the latest news, or setting tasks. Due to the fast flow of our life and especially willing to gain time - many of us prefer SMS as long as that way of communication is the quickest and the most useful for modern people. This understandable and well-known software is made to help society to reach their purposes.

+ and -

The usage of bulk texting has a lot of strengths. For example:

Automatic system. It indicates that there is no need to do various actions for sending SMS. Give the task, and the recipients will receive message.

Easy to use. Your task is to sign up and replenish the balance. Now you can to give a assignment or spread the important offers.

Quality and price. It is necessary to know your limit and refill the balance based upon your budget. The quality of send bulk texts will not be affected.

Concerning disadvantages of such manner of communication could be named the lack of guarantees, that your SMS will be delivered to the recipient.

The mean time of message distribution assembles from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are located has network coverage).

Solutions by department

Each business meet such concept as optimization of every single operation. It should be done to satisfy user's needs.

SMS software is a beneficial solution for system administrators. Bulk texting system considered to be a useful tool for achieving each of marketing goals. For instance:

Simple automation and optimization of campaigns` schedules. You will not neglect the co-workers` birthday with the SMS operating system.

SMS software could become an inherent part in the department`s everyday routine. Bulk texting could help:

To transfer information to XLS or CSV just with one click.

web designers can integrate IntisTele API gateway.

By virtue of this option it is possible to deliver big amount of  bulk texting, update contact database.

Not restricted by time testing access to IntisTele SMS software allows debugging your exclusive software solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for Python.

Intis Telecommunication plugins and widgets are created to smooth integration of most major CMS (Joomla).

SMS commands are good for sysadmins because they can install remote administration and server management.

Business owners also can arrange their employees' schedule owing to this SMS software. Moreover, there are much more solutions which are provided for business people.

Obtaining response from customers by way of SMS software.

Intis Telecommunication service is ready for use for everyone. Here you can find an understandable web interface, variant of payment action that matches every pocket and a very captivating affiliate program. Thankfully to bulk texting software:

It is possible to receive easy access to services. Two components that are needed for using bulk texting system are the Internet and browser.

Solutions by industry

The SMS software solution is perfect choice for transport. This system gives solution and can help to solve a issues of different spheres in various industries.

With the help of SMS solutions financial organizations could propose the best service for the customers.

It is a excellent solution for retail. With bulk texting system exists an opportunity to install notifications about discounts.

You are free to integrate bulk texting system into your transport actions, for example couriers.

SMS software considered to be the best solution rise travel and transport services and make customers have a better adventure during their journeys.

SMS software could be helpful for startups and IT. This application is vital for providers.

Message notify to serve security. It could be applied for surveillance.


It is convenient to refill the balance and determine the sum of money which you are ready to give. Intis Telecommunication could offer numerous methods of top uping the balance. For example, Skrill.

Perfect SMS:guidelines

Integrate call-to-action into your bulk texting mail-outs. Your text should consist of information which will inspire the potential client do something. For achieving this outcome, you have to leave your phone number.

Make all the crucial conditions for customers to visit and then it is more likely to achieve conversion rates.

Affiliate program

With a unique IntisTele Affiliate program the user could achieve a commission because of attracting first time customer. You are able to gain around to 10% of the month's refill balance payment, which is made by the user you have brought to Intis Telecommunication software.


Sending SMS about news can convert the best solution for your business. It will boost your profit. Because of this messages are widely spread between retailers.

Information sources: https://www.intistele.com/


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